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Shire of Phoenix Glade

Kingdom of Meridies, SCA

Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Crestview

Monthly Business Meeting

Directions via Google Maps are in the link for the address


4863 Antioch Rd Crestview, Fl 32536 @ 7pm

The second Monday of every month, our business meeting is held at our seneschal's house at 7 pm.  This is when we discuss past, present and future endeavors of the group.


This is also a good way of getting introduced to the members and asking questions.




Armour/Social Night - Tuesday


136 Hampton Dr. Crestview, Fl  32539 @ 6pm.

Armour night is held each Tuesday at Sir Gunnar's house.  You don't need to be a fighter to come hangout.  We welcome everyone.


Armour night was originally started to allow the fighter's a chance to go somewhere to work on their armour and get it repaired and make new pieces.  It has gradually evolved into a good old fashioned social hour as well.



Weekly Fighter Practice - Wednesday


100 Hathaway St S, Crestview, FL 32539 @ 6pm

Held on the Tennis Courts.  So bring out your armor and test it before heading to an event.  Drag out a friend or two.  Not a fighter, no worries, bring it on.


Pell/Potlock Dinner Night


919 47th St. Niceville FL @ 5pm

Pell work for the fighters along with Project work for everyone else.  Bring a dish to pass around to go with the Potluck.  Have any questions, get with Angel.  See you there!!!





All business meetings, fighter practices and events that the Shire either puts on, or majors events in Kingdom will be listed on the calendar.


If there is something that needs to be placed here, please let the Webminister know.



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